R&D Director

Full time - Office - Tel Aviv Yafo


R&D is one of the most important crucial aspect in a business, and we are looking forward to hiring an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled R&D Director who can responsibly develop the new generation web systems or products that can compete with the top notch market competitors. We are looking for a leader who can provide all the needed technological solutions that a company may need related to DevOps and IT tasks.

Candidate Must be Able to

  • Knowledgeable and easily lead any complex tasks related to development or using new technologies while still maintaining the quality and high standards set by the company.
  • Conduct a detailed technical consultation with the developers
  • Lead the development team to building processes and guiding them to creating unparallel systems and performances.
  • Manage all the current products and also take care of all other daily activities.
  • Manage and keep a check on the quality of the products and offering 24/7 availability with near-to-no interruption.
  • Work easily and with confidence with the related product and business sponsors, especially while building a new product roadmap.
  • Manages and takes responsibility of data security.

Academics and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Computer Science/ related field
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the software development industry.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a team member in a development team of minimum 6-8 expert developers
  • Works with confidence and ease with the DevOps team and the multicultural team working from different remote locations.
  • Expert in PHP, Nodejs, Javascript development, Database MySQL, Cloud AWS, using and managing Web applications.
  • Has previous experience in Saas, marketing and affiliation
  • Has knowledge about AI and other machine learning technologies
  • Passionate about work and supports team members.
  • Has a creative mind.



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