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Decisions Made Easy

Our exclusive expertise and matching technology allows us to connect driven customers across the globe to the brands they desire. We, at SpoTower, aim to empower and educate consumers in order to simplify the buying process. By utilizing the necessary data and machine learning technology, we target customers on an individual level all whilst enabling brands to magnify their online reach. In doing so, we assist our partners in obtaining the highest quality traffic, which then boosts customer devotion and reliability.

How It Works


User searches online
for products or services

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SpoTower Algorithm Analyzes

User information is analyzed

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SpoTower’s ranking algorithm generates a personalized product list made to suit the users needs

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User Comparison

The user receives multiple in-depth reviews, and other unique
content which helps them make the right decision

User Decision

The user chooses a brand based
on their personal needs and preferences

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